“I can register my activities easily and quickly, and spend more time caring for the client.” 

Increase efficiency, reduce cost

Less budget, more clients. Partly due to our ageing population, we need to carefully monitor the money we spend on health- and social care. Care organizations need to become more efficient and reduce costs. The IntraPhone management system for ambulatory staff can help to achieve this. It offers optimized registration, communication, reporting, documentation, planning and access control for care workers. Your staff can do their work very efficiently, allowing them to spend more time on actually caring for the clients. And management accurately monitor their activities of the field staff. IntraPhone is available on several different platforms.

View on the work

You want to know exactly what your employees do and when. By real-time reporting through fixed-line or mobile phones, smartphones, tablets or internet, directly connected to your care system, you are always aware of all activities performed. “Standard” reports are processed to become statistical information, enabling your planners and managers to focus only on the areas that require their attention. 

More hands to the bed

Healthcare workers are not robots and want to care for their clients in a most humane way. As many hands to the bed as possible, minimal red tape. The registration, reporting and communication with your organization is quick and simple. The worker uses the phone or tablet for planning and reporting, but also to send, or receive, spoken messages that can be later transcribed through our LiveText service. Because the system is very easy to use, other care providers can be involved in the care process, providing they are authorized to use the system. This way, the district nurse, the MD, a therapist or family members can be valuable parts of the care system.

Flexible and service oriented

The IntraPhone care management system is a so-called “cloud” solution, avoiding investments in hardware and costly support. It is coupled to you existing central care system through our integration platform. Also, it is designed for flexibility and modularity, so that it can be tailored to the needs of your organization. This, combined with the ease of use for employees, makes for an extremely low investment. Our staff has extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of ICT and home care. The system was developed in Sweden, where a large number of home care organizations have significantly improved their efficiency by using IntraPhone.


IntraPhone has won the tender for Keyless Health Care in the city of Malmö (SE)

The Swedish home care solutions specialist, IntraPhone AB, together with their Danish partner Bekey A/S, were awarded the contract for the supply of several thousands of digital locks (that can be operated through a smartphone) by the City of Malmö. The contract is valid for four years and is potentially the largest digital locks deal in Scandinavia.

Record result in Östra Göinge with IntraPhone

We at IntraPhone are happy and proud over our contribution to improve the result of the home care in the municipality of Östra Göinge. The newspaper Kristianstadsbladed has in two articles written about the successful implementation of IntraPhone and how it has helped the home care to increase efficiency and reduce stress amongst staff.

Link to articles (Swedish):

Nytt rekord för hemtjänsten

Vi har kommit en bra bit på väg

Tyresö municipality new customer

We are glad to welcome the municipality of Tyresö to IntraPhone. Tyresö has selected IntraPhone's solution for handicapped care.

The IT-solution IntraPhone automates among other things the administration of reports to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

We are very glad to start this cooperation.